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Welina! It's the 30th session of the Hawai`i State State Legislature

As part of its mandate to advocate for Native Hawaiians, each year OHA submits a package of proposed bills to the Hawai`i State Legislature, and the agency’s Board of Trustees also votes to take positions on a wide variety of legislation impacting the Hawaiian community.

To keep you informed, we will be sending out email notifications when OHA's proposed bills are being heard. This gives you an opportunity to learn more about each bill, as well as ways that you can easily give testimony and participate in the legislative process. Below is some information on OHA's 2020 Legislative Package. To learn more, visit oha.org/legislation.

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OHA Legislative Package 2020

HB1781/SB2192: This bill will ensure more consideration of Native Hawaiian rights, knowledge, values, and practices in state decision making for lands critical to Native Hawaiian culture and well-being.

HB1782/SB2193: This measure seeks to improve the potential for people who have old convictions on their record to obtain and keep legitimate employment, thereby supporting their rehabilitation and continued law-abiding conduct over the long-term.

HB1783/SB2194: This bill establishes and enhances enforcement mechanisms to meaningfully deter violations of state historic preservation laws and better protect culturally invaluable historic sites and burials.

HB1784/SB2195 This measure reinforces Native Hawaiian constitutional rights by encouraging landowners to accommodate cultural practitioners’ access to their lands.

HB1780/SB2191 Capitol improvement project funds to build a water storage facility on 511 acres of agricultural lands surrounding Kukaniloko wahi pana.

HCR5/SCR3 Strengthening historic preservation enforcement.

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