• Ho'ona auao/McLaughlin

Hawaiian Studies AA Degree

Here is your opportunity.

E pili mau na po’ maika’I ia oe

May blessings ever be with you

Hawai‘iloa: Reconnecting with Hawaiian Culture

If living far from your island home has you feeling disconnected from Hawai‘i, Windward Community College offers Hawai‘iloa. Through a series of 8-week online classes, Hawai‘iloa will take you on a voyage to earn the Hawaiian Studies AA degree starting October 19, 2020. And, Native Hawaiians living on the mainland pay in-state tuition! Deadline to apply is October 2. To learn how you can reconnect with your roots, visit


Colette Higgins Dean of Academic Affairs, Division I and Academic Support Windward Community College

45-720 Keaʻahala Road, Alakaʻi 121B

Kāneʻohe, HI 96744

(808) 235-7339

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